Felicity Ananda is a multilingual devotional singer, Kirtan & Heartsong leader, yoga & meditation teacher and homeopath based in south Dublin. In her Kirtans and Sacred Mantra gatherings, she gently weaves together influences from traditional Indian bhajans, her Celtic roots and South Amercian folk music, to inspire and co-create an uplifting & intimate connection to who we are and why we came here.

In her homeopathic practice she uses a holistic approach to healing, integrating ancient traditional paradigms incorporating yogic practices, herbal remedies, diet and meditation/mindfulness whilst connecting deeply to the wisdom of our innate healing capacity, bringing harmony into discord, dis-ease and upheaval.

Felicity Ananda uses homeopathy and her singing voice during her Kirtans and Sacred Singing Circles to stimulate our body’s natural healing systems, allowing our beautiful human spirit to flourish. These very subtle but deeply potent forms of medicine and healing can help us reconnect to, & gently embrace our physical and emotional reality, inviting us back home to the wisdom of our higher selves.

Upcoming Events

Free ZOOM Kirtan, Meditation & Sacred Healing Songs

12 Apr 2020

What wild human times to be alive! It is truly medicinal to connect, lift eachother up through our voices and support each-other in whatever way we can. So I am delighted to share I am now offering Kirtan every week. Now more than ever is a time to align to and celebrate the gentleness of the light and share the ripple of nurturing, pulsing, communal prayer and healing mantras around our planet. 

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