Felicity Ananda offers monthly Kirtans in Glenageary, on the last Sunday of every month, 6:15-8pm, in our new home, St. Paul's Church centre, St. Paul's Church, Glenageary, south county Dublin. These gatherings offer a space to re-connect, release and recharge our wellbeing.
Felicity Ananda will gently guide us through some simple mantras, meditations and chants from around our globe, whilst accompanying us on guitar and harmonium. We are also accompanied each month by guest percussionists.
As we dive deeper into the vibration of each chant, the space opens, where we are invited to co-create beautifully nourishing connections with ourselves and each other, through the communal energy of our combined voices, our breath and our hearts.  
Kirtan is a style of chanting inspired from the ancient tradition of India. It is non-denominational. It is the universal language of Spirit, the song of our Soul. No singing or meditation experience is necessary, just a deisre to enjoy the soft whispers of our hearts, as we weave the magnificent tapestry of devotional sound together.
Felicity Ananda is a fully qualified and registered Yoga and Meditation teacher, Homeopath, Usui ® Reiki Practitioner and secondary school teacher. For over 15 years she has been offering Yoga and Meditation in schools and in communities around the world.
These pathways have greatly inspired her to integrate and align her heart’s passions to the deeply nurturing and ancient practice of chanting and Kirtan. She offers a space to connect with and unleash the potent healing vibrations of our voices, evoking our inner life force, the Guru residing within all of us.




Upcoming Events

New Year Kirtan & Dance Celebration in Glenageary: Sacred Music, Mantras, Meditation & Dance

29 Dec 2019

Let's reJOYce, re-connect & manifest our dreams together for the upcoming year

We have a very special New Years Celebration Kirtan (devotional singing) in December in our brand new home, St. Paul's Centre, St. Paul's Church grounds, Adelaide Road, Glenageary, co. Dublin. Save the date & join us for some more blissful harmonies & vibrations on Sunday 29th December, 6:15- 8:30pm, for over 2 hours of bhakti upliftment. Oh and did I mention there would be dancing? YES! YES! YES!

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